Cicero’s turning into a mush. :3 

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this eases the entire fuck out of my mind.


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Redrum - Salmon hypo Blood (boa constrictor imperator - BCI)

The new photo spot is pretty hit or miss depending on what the sun is doing.  When it’s good it’s absolutely stellar, when it’s not it’s abysmal. 

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何も出来ないのは もう嫌なんだ | カネキ

Artworks by 雪漣月

※Permission to upload this illustration was given by the artist. The artist strictly prohibits the redistribution, use, and editing of their illustrations without authorization.

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went to the tri state koi show yesterday!


It’s America Eve and I haven’t even put my bald eagle on top of my freedom tree yet




Ginnie Springs in Florida / USA (by Charlie Pfeifler).

Anyone want to go on a roadtrip?

I had no stinkin idea there were fish people on tumblr I thought it was just fandoms and photography oh my god 

So you guys reallyliked the last set of wigglebutt photos so here’s a couple more of the squad on waterchange day! The colored ones are new!! The originals still have not turned gold haha