I had no stinkin idea there were fish people on tumblr I thought it was just fandoms and photography oh my god 

So you guys reallyliked the last set of wigglebutt photos so here’s a couple more of the squad on waterchange day! The colored ones are new!! The originals still have not turned gold haha

spacecadetbird said: Have you checked anywhere if someone is missing a cat? He could’ve gotten lost.

I have a very good pic of him showing his whole body & pattern, I could tack up a couple found posters, and ask the neighbors. I don’t know many cat people that let their slightly skinny (i can feel his backbone and hips quite well) and intact male cat wander free. Plus there’s a pretty large network of strays and ferals in town so I usually just assume they’re noones. But he was very friendly I think he could have been someones kitten that ran off and went missing for several months. My friend shared some of the photos on Facebook and she has more friends in the area so someone might recognize him from there too IF he had a home!

this guys been wandering my yard for three days now, waking me up at 7am by meowing at the window. Trying to find him a home as there’s no way I can bring him in with the other cats! He’s really sweet


And all the gods and all the worlds began colliding on a backdrop of blue

Wow happy 4/13 everyone!!  Their day is ending, I imagine that if all had gone well they’d be running home to their guardians.


Most favorite Anime Characters (not in order) ↷
Yato  Noragami
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I kind of giggle at people that defend their shit care with how much money they’ve spent on their animal.

'But I spent X dollars on them!'

That’s fucking nice you wasted your fuckin’ money b/c you’re doing it wrong.

Guess what we all spend a lot of money on our animals. You aren’t some special snowflake for spending money on your animals.